Magic Toy World of Stormy Monday

The Stormy Monday toy world was born from the combination of long term experience, passion and searching for the new ways that open a new door for entertainment and fun.
We look forward to putting a smile on your child’s face with every toy we deliver.


Pasta Magica Bomba

Robo Alive Dino

Robo Alive Dragon



Klinci Graškolinci

Iš, iš, skočimiš

Pogodi tko si

LOL Cotton Squishy

Smooshy Mooshy

Pocket Bubblez


Boxy Girls

Wild Cakes

Battle Knox


BFF Dolls

Kitty Club

Mine It

Pasta Magica


Super Zings Series 1

Superpopular and super fun characters and their rivals of the Kaboom City.

Super Zings game sets


Easy Nails

Nails Spa for girls.

Gooolmania 2018

Fun sticker album with soccer players.

Gooolmania T-shirts

T-shirts with popular soccer players.

Gooolmania SMS

SMS TV game.

Gustav Slinko

Crazy and funny game for kids (5+).

Iglu Mania

Amusing game for skilled hands (5+).

Mokar k’o pas

Have fun and watch out, you might get wet.

Monster Friendz

Fun characters with crazy haircuts.

Predasauruses Aqua Attack

Fantastic mutants of dinosaurus and sea creatures.

Predasauruses Glow Battle

Glowing mutants of dinosaurus and sea creatures.

Robo alive

Scary lizard and snake go fast.

Sweet Pups

Cute doggies that became cakes.


They are squeze and soft and smell so good.

Smooshy Mooshy

Incredibly soft bestie.


Sticker album with the popular Winx.


Educational sticker album with dinosaurus.

Zomlings series 01

Fun characters of the Zomlings town.

Zomlings series 03

Fun characters of the Zomlings town.

Zomlings series 04

Fun characters of the Zomlings town.

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